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28 January, 2023 by
Special of the Month
Nimetrix, Inc.

Check out this month’s special!

With Odoo’s incredibly innovative, user-friendly Website Builder, anyone can create a beautiful website with absolutely no coding knowledge whatsoever. Odoo allows users to configure and manage a website quickly and efficiently, and it’s all thanks to our simple tools and easy-to-navigate design.

In our latest version, there is a cleaner interface, with new options available for blog titles and text blocks. Also, the Anchor system has been improved. Anchors are generated automatically based on the first title within a section, or the snippet name, as applicable. Speaking of, Odoo 14 now offers new snippets: Countdown, Chart, Table of Contents, Product Catalog, and Dynamic Snippets.

Website Builder

& Training

Special of the Month Success Pack

Are you a professional, a small business owner or an entrepreneur who wants to build your website or modify the current one? Then you'll want to pay attention to our Special of the month. Let's jump straight into it!

*** Special prices for Location LATAM.



/ month


Building Website follow-up requirements.

FREE The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security. It is used in applications such as web browsing, email, or instant messaging. It also secures all communications between servers and web browsers.

25% Discount

25 Hours

/ Month

FREE Wonderful Themes

Get smart propositions of design and perfect color combinations with Odoo's Artificial Design Intelligence.

FREE thousands of images

FREE Unlimited storage

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